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Charlene Lamb - 1/12/2016

I also went to Maryland Park jr high...1970-72..I loved Home Ec. and this is why I found you ..I was looking for my teachers name in 7th grade and 8th I moved 1/2 through 8th grade year , but she was wonderful ! I have used the skills she taught me throughout my life and it is sad our Education system where I live now does not offer any Home Ec. classes, but I have continued sewing, crafting, cooking and cleaning using the skills and hints she gave me and teaching younger and older my skills.....what a blessing we had ...if you can ,please drop me her name so I may Thank her with a proper name and not as just my teacher....forgot name but not lessons : ...Thank You

Maxine Morgan - 4/2/2015

It was good to see you at the quilt show and I will definitely be a supporter from now on.

Denise - 3/3/2015

This is a wonderful website!! Congratulations for getting it up and running... Praying for you to have much success....

Barbra - 2/23/2015

Nadine, Great website! Thanks for the videos and the blog links.

Janice Dougherty - 2/15/2015

It's wonderful that you are back on the East Coast scene. Your website is great!

Mae Brown - 2/13/2015

Welcome back.
We need your inspirations.

Linda S. - 2/11/2015

Welcome Back! Nice site!

Christine Gray-Knight - 2/11/2015

I'm glad you are back

Jayne Hirst - 2/11/2015

Hey Nadine!

Shirley - 2/11/2015

Miss you!
I am also glad you are back!

Alyce Foster - 2/11/2015

Glad you are back!

Dee Taylor - 2/11/2015

Yay!!!! So glad you're back! I've missed you guys!