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Custom Long-Arm Quilting Rates:

The price for most long-arm quilting services is based on the overall size of the quilt and the complexity of the quilting and generally measured in price per square inch.  The price of quilting your quilt is determined by several factors.  The long-arm quilting fee is based on the size of the quilt in square inches.  For example, if your quilt measures 75” x 85” then your quilt is 6,375 square inches.  If you choose an edge to edge design that is $.015 per square inch then your fee will be $95.62 plus any additional fees for specialty threads or binding.

Binding services are based on the linear (around the quilt) dimensions of the quilt and are priced based on the linear inch.  We also offer binding services ranging from machine attachment of the binding to the front of the quilt, to complete attachment and hand finishing.  


Quilting type descriptions:

Stipple/Meander is winding/curving a continuous pattern that covers the entire quilt top.

Simple Pantograph – Patterns listed by us as “Simple”, the simplest of Edge-to-Edge or all over patterns.  These cover the whole quilt and work well for quilts that will receive heavy use or are made of “busy” fabrics.

Complex Pantograph – Patterns listed as “Complex” – or simple patterns that are more densely quilted.

Custom Quilting – Any combination of three or more patterns fall into the custom quilting category which may also include light to medium fillers, stitch-in-the-ditch, outlining, etc.  This will require a consultation and quote.

Approximate dimensions for standard size bedding: 

Quilt Size Total Square Inch Cost Standard Mattress Size Bedspread Std Drop of 21”
Crib or Wall hanging 60 x 60 3,600 $54.00 Crib 27 x 27
Twin 70 x 90 6,300 $94.50 39 x 75 81 x 110
Double 90 x 80 7,200 $108.00 54 x 75 96 x 110
Queen 90 x 95 8,550 $128.25 60 x 80 102 x 115
King 96 x 108 10,368 $155.52 76 x 80 76 x 80
X-King 120 x 120 14,400 $216.00 72 x 84 72 x 84

Batting Options:
I carry the following battings for your convenience.  If you do not specify which batting you would prefer, we will use Quilter's Dream Cotton Request.  If you are providing the batting, it also must be about 6” to 8” inches larger than the quilt top.  Cut it as square as possible.  We recommend better quality battings.  Some are made with uneven density or are too fragile and may shred in handling.  Others may beard and spoil your quilt. 


1. Quilter's Dream Cotton Request 
2. Quilter's Dream Cotton Select 
3. Quilter's Dream Cotton Deluxe 
4. Quilter’s Dream Poly Select
5. Warm & Natural 


Thread Options:
We will choose the thread that will best compliment your quilt and quilting design, unless you specify otherwise.  We use Superior Thread, Bottom Line Bobbin Thread, So Fine, King Tut and Rainbow Variegated Thread Brands.
1. Solid Quilting Cotton
2. Variegated Quilting Cotton
3. Fusions, Colors or comparable threads
Miscellaneous & Optional Fees:
1. $25.00 charge for seaming the back and squaring it up if not complete.
2. $50.00 charge for cutting, piecing and machine sewing binding onto finished quilt (includes squaring up quilted quilt).
3. $20.00 per hour for hand-sewing/finishing binding.
4. $30.00 to make and attach hanging sleeve
5. Embroidery services available for custom quilt labels, redwork blocks, business logos, and much more. 


An additional labor charge of $15 per hour or $8.00 a seam will be added for any miscellaneous work like, repairing seams, squaring up backing, piecing backing and ironing.  So to save time, please make sure your quilt is ready. I will always let my customers know of any additional cost before I began.


If you have questions or need an estimate, please contact us regarding our machine quilting service.